BRIDGEVIEW, Ill. (CBS) — A psychologist working at a state mental institution in Tinley Park is charged with coercing a patient to perform a sex act on him.

Dr. Robert Eizinga, 66, of Tinley Park, has been charged with sexual misconduct with a person with a disability, and official misconduct, both of which are Class 3 felonies, according to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office.

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Eizinga has worked for the Illinois Department of Human Services for more than 20 years, and was most recently assigned to the Tinley Park Mental Health Center as a court liaison to the State’s Attorney’s office and mental health attorneys. He also counseled patients at the institution, according to the State’s Attorney’s office.

On April 25 of last year, a 45-year-old woman was voluntarily checked into the institution for depression. Soon afterward, Eizinga allegedly asked to speak with her alone, and thinking Eizinga was her doctor, the woman accompanied him into an empty conference room, according to the State’s Attorney’s office.

Eizinga allegedly told the woman that he was going to try to help her, and that she could not leave the hospital.

Two days later, Eizinga allegedly took the woman into the conference room again, saying he wanted to be her “friend.” Eizinga allegedy went on to tell the woman that he was a sex addict and was in the process of getting a divorce, and that he wanted to make the woman “feel better.”

The woman asked to leave when Eizinga began coming on to her, but he allegedly fondled the woman and exposed himself, then asked the woman to perform a sex act on him. He allegedly said if she didn’t, he could keep her at Tinley Park or have her transferred to Chicago-Read Mental Health Center, which was not true.

The victim performed the sex act on Eizinga, believing he would keep her confined in the hospital if she didn’t, according to the State’s Attorney’s office.

The very next day, Eizinga allegedly got the woman into a different room, and first asked her to kiss him. After she did, he allegedly unzipped his pants and ordered the woman to perform a sex act on him again. The woman complied, but refused when Eizinga allegedly asked her to perform another sex act.

The victim called her sister to complain. Following efforts from her sister, the woman was discharged. One the day she was released, Eizinga allegedly gave her $20 and a business card with his name and number.

After the woman was released, Eizinga allegedly drove to her house. She accompanied him to a cell phone store and he allegedly bought a cell phone for her, using the name “Sam Doe.”

The following day, Eizinga again showed up at the woman’s house and gave her $100. He also asked her not to tell police about the sexual encounters, and that claimed that his sex therapist had suggested giving the woman money to “keep her mouth shut,” the State’s Attorney’s office alleged.

The woman called the Tinley Park institution to file a complaint against Eizinga on May 12. Eizinga allegedly asked what the woman had said and asked how much hush money she wanted. But authorities began investigating, and Eizinga was ultimately arrested and charged.

Bond for Eizinga was set at $150,000 at the Bridgeview Courthouse Thursday. He is set for a preliminary hearing on Feb. 7.