The Bears-Packers rivalry is the oldest one in the NFL and Hall of Famer Dick Butkus remembers just how that rivalry was during his career.

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During practice at Wrigley Field during one of Butkus’ early years, the linebacker recalled a Packer-Bear scare of spying. “During practice we’re all standing around on the sidelines while the offense was working,” Butkus said. Then all of a sudden the coach was approached. “”Coach coach!’ and he says ‘Yeah yeah, what what!?’ ‘I don’t want to say nothing but if you look up there across the street on Waveland Ave, one of those apartments there seems to be a reflection of a camera.'” Then the coach sent security up to check out everyone staying in the building and get the windows closed. Butkus said “After the years go by,I was thinking he was doing the same thing to them!”

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The Bears-Packer rivalry has captured the whole country. “I’ll bet that this game has the highest viewership ever,” Butkus said.

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“[Aaron Rogers] won’t have the same game as he had last week,” Butkus said. “I have a feeling that everybody is taking this game like New England – was invincible and got beat.” With the rivalry heading to the playoffs for the second time in history, Dick Butkus is predicting the Chicago Bears to win.