The Chicago Bears will have a number of options to improve their offense, defense and special teams. Receivers are always risky picks in the NFL Draft, so the best upgrade at that position might come via free agency.

Players like Vincent Jackson and Sidney Rice will be free agents this offseason, but could also be expensive upgrade options. One less expensive option could be former New York Giants’ receiver Plaxico Burress. Burress is currently serving a two year prison sentence for a gun charge and is scheduled to be released June 6 if he receives credited time for good behavior.

“[His agent] Drew Rosenhaus is going to shop him obviously,” John “Moon” Mullin said on the Danny Mac Show. “And I think the expectations have to be reasonable…It took [Michael] Vick a little while to get rounded into shape, to football shape, with the return of the instincts.”

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Vick’s time in Philadelphia could be a good case study for the Bears if they decide to kick the tires on Burress. The Bears desperately need a dominant number one receiver, but need to be wary of a player with a troubled past.

“There was a terrific segment on the NFL network, they interviewed [Burress],” Mullin said. “He seemed like a made over guy…And he basically went down and said ‘I want to be a better person, a better father, a better brother, a better friend and then a better football player.’ And I met [Burress] when came out of the Draft, and I was really unimpressed by him. This is not the same guy.”

Vick was given a second chance by the Eagles, and fort the most part has showed that he has become a better person, and even a better football player because of it. If Burress’ return could be anywhere near Vick’s, both on and off the field, it’s worth the Bears at least taking a look at him.

“We’re a nation of second chances anyway,” Mullin said, “and I think this may be a good one.”

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