As the week rolls on so do the opinions of Jay Cutler and what happened in the second half of the Chicago Bears-Green Bay Packers NFC Championship game.

NFL legend John Madden came out and voiced his strong support of Cutler, maybe the strongest support we’ve seen from any one outside the Bears’ organization.

Jeremy Roenick, however, went in the opposite direction. Roenick, the former Chicago Blackhawks star called the Dan Patrick Show and the conversation soon shifted to the Bears’ quarterback.

“I was really disappointed actually,” Roenick said of Cutler not finishing the game. “As an athlete, as a very proud athlete, when you’re in a situation like Cutler was, I mean you’re in the conference finals, you have a chance to go to the Super Bowl. At least, in my opinion, and I know how hockey players are, they’d have to shoot me to get me out of that game. They would have to cut my legs off to pull me out of that game.”

LISTEN: Jeremy Roenick On The Dan Patrick Show

The fact that Cutler suffered an injury didn’t seem to change the way Roenick felt. And the fact that Cutler didn’t finish the game isn’t what upset Roenick the most.

“What disappointed me the most,” Roenick told Patrick. “When you’re on the bench and your team is battling to come back and you have a young quarterback in [Caleb] Hanie, doing everything he possibly can to get them back in the game. The guy just sat on his ass. He just sat on his ass on the bench…That really bothered me.”