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How did you guys like the “draft” of the all-star team?
I honestly think that is something the NFL desperately needs…
Get the fans involved online, drafting, etc.
The Pro Bowl is horrible otherwise
St. Charles


As quick as Terry was last year to punch the Cavs’ ticket to the finals I would be very, VERY careful about writing off the Lakers.  That being said, I think that the Spurs will not make it to the finals.  I just don’t see it.  My guess is that either the Lakers or Thunder will square off with Boston or the Bulls in the NBA Finals with the most likely scenario being Thunder vs. Celtics.
Orlando can’t do it because they have nothing around Howard.
Miami doesn’t have the depth to win a seven game series with Boston or Chicago.
I just think the Spurs will fall in the Western Conference semi-finals.  That is a lot of games for a really old team and I know that the Lakers are old but if I’m betting on an old guy to rise I’ll take Kobe over Duncan.
-The Rass



Let me know if you guys want me to scope out any salt piles in advance of the storm, thank god fir the giant pile of salt

Okay. I think in general the listeners are sick of hearing about the Bears. I love when u guys talk Bulls as you just were talking about drose. Have a good day

Fair enough. But I recently changed from AM1000 to you guys bc for most part I enjoy you guys much more than 1000…

Dan how can u be so certain of flacco’s progression being so far away from Baltimore & yet, u are so uncertain about cutlers when Matt. Asked u couple wks ago?
Its exactly what I want! Big storm buildup and light snow … GOOD! Big buildup and smacked by this storm … BAD!

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