Derrick Rose has been suffering from stomach ulcers for close to a week. And despite the pain, Rose not only played on Friday and Saturday, but you wouldn’t have known he was injured.

Rose’s Friday line reads as follows: 38 minutes, 22 points, 12 assists and 6 rebounds. And the following night was no different for the MVP candidate: 35 minutes, 20 points, 7 assists and 3 rebounds.

“It holds everybody accountable,” former Bull and current analyst, Stacey King said on the Danny Mac Show of Rose playing through pain. “I mean, when your best players is hurt and in pain and he shows up everyday in practice and plays hard. And he shows up in the game, when most guys would sit out. I liken it to the same way that Michael Jordan was.”

LISTEN: Stacey King On The Danny Mac Show

It’s inevitable. At the very least it’s in the back of the minds of Chicago Bulls’ fans. Rose’s success will lead to comparisons, on many levels, to Jordan.

“People didn’t know, behind the scenes Michael Jordan was hurt all the time,” King said. “He played 40 plus minutes of getting banged on. But you know what, he didn’t miss practice nor did he miss any games.”

Rose admitted that he lost weight and wasn’t able to eat for several days. And despite that there never seemed to be any chance that Rose would sit out a game. Even against the 17-27 Indiana Pacers.

“And when you see your leader do that,” King said, “everybody follows in suit and guys play in pain. It’s like, ‘Derrick came out there and played with ulcers. I can’t come out there and say oh my back is hurting I can’t play.’ So guys start putting a little pressure on themselves…it’s a good thing.”