CHICAGO (CBS) – With news that Chicago is due for one of the worst blizzards in recent memory, residents flooded grocery stores and retail outlets to buy food and snow-fighting tools.

Nurse Jody Thompson bought a snow blower because she doesn’t want to shovel the potential 2 feet of snow that could hit Chicago by mid-week.

A flat roof at the police station had Forest Park Police Officer August Bernahl taking precautions. He bought shovels.

“We’ll have guys up there doing some shoveling,” he told CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole.

 Sales of just about anything that can clear away snow were brisk Monday. Pete Liakouras of Russo Power Equipment said easily 100 snow blowers went out the door in the morning.

Meanwhile, you could barely navigate through the aisles of some local grocery stores, as shoppers prepped the pantry for their snowbound days ahead.

Addie Rodriguez of River Grove said warnings have been all over the news. But Guy DiBella says people should prepare.

“It’s rough when you have 2 feet of snow out there,” he said.