Derrick Rose’s ability to attack the basket makes him a very difficult player to guard. Now that he’s developed a three-point shot he’s becoming impossible to guard.

“Vinny [Del Negro] did what is the old scouting report on Derrick,” K.C. Johnson, of the Chicago Tribune said about the Los Angeles Clippers head coach. “In the first quarter the Clippers’ defenders were going underneath screens, not only because Derrick allegedly wasn’t hitting three-pointers before this season, but also because Derrick often tries to get other players involved in the first quarter.”

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But this season Rose has established that he’ll not only take the three-point shot, but he can also knock it down. And a few early threes led to Rose and the Bulls having a big night.

“Last night it was clear, to anyone who follows this guy on a daily basis,” Johnson said, “that he had payback on his mind and really wanted to atone for that loss [in December]. And those three, three-pointers in the first quarter I think set the tone for a great offensive night for the Bulls.”

When he hits his three-point shots, Rose can give opposing coaches headaches. He’s fast enough and strong enough to get to the rim if defenders play him tight, but if they give him space he can hit the deep shot.

The new element of Rose’s game is just one of the things that has led him to MVP-caliber season. Rose’s stat lines for last season and the 47 games of this season are clear examples of the problems he causes for defenses and the improvement he’s made as a player.

2009-10 Season
Points       Assists       Rebounds      3-PT%
20.8             6.0                3.7                      26.7%

2010-11 Season
Points       Assists       Rebounds      3-PT%
24.6             8.5                4.6                      37.9%

The Bulls’ next game will be on Saturday when they travel to the Oracle Arena to play the Golden State Warriors.

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