CHICAGO (CBS) — Lake Shore Drive was clear Sunday night, but the frustration remained for one North Side man who still couldn’t find his car. It was among the hundreds left abandoned on the drive during the blizzard late Tuesday and early Wednesday.

The city has been getting a lot of kudos for how well it’s connected hundreds of Lake Shore Drive motorists with their abandoned cars in just a matter of days. Drew Siegert is not one of them. He’s a dude saying, “Where’s my car?”

“I just want my car,” the 26-year-old told CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole.

Some 900 motorists were stranded for 10 hours or more on Lake Shore Drive during last week’s blizzard.  Drew Siegert says he was among them.

“I haven’t seen it since 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday when they evacuated all the cars on Lake Shore,” he said.

His missing car is a gray 2001 four-door Toyota Camry, with Illinois license plate number H78-3352.

“I missed three days of work,” Siegert said.

Siegert said he’s seen the coverage of hundreds of cars being towed off Lake Shore Drive and relocated to six city lots, where most owners were reunited with their vehicles. He’s checked every lot.

Siegert also said he checked the city’s website that listed the rescued cars by license plate number. His was nowhere to be found.

His many calls to 311 got him nowhere. In fact, he said some staffers were rude; one hung up on him.

As of Sunday night, the last 16 unclaimed cars had been taken to the city’s central auto pound on Lower Wacker Drive.

Siegert said he can understand how difficult it’s been for the city but he is also frustrated.

A city representative would only say officials are looking into the matter and wouldn’t comment on how many other motorists may also be unable to locate their cars. 

But for Drew there is always hope. On Friday night, CBS 2 reported on a man who couldn’t find his $90,000 Mercedes after the Lake Shore Drive freeze-up, and by the end of the newscast it was located.

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