The regular season, playoffs and Super Bowl are over. Now the focus of the football world can turn squarely on the NFL labor talks.

Not too long ago it seemed as if a lockout for at least part of the 2011 season was bound to happen, but now things are beginning to look brighter.

“I have a little more optimism than I had, say more than a week ago,” Brad Biggs said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “Because they are going to get together. They are going to start talking about this and I think when you look at the history of the National Football League and when you look at what Roger Goodell has done, they’ve made the right decisions.”

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There are obviously things that have happened that the NFL would like to have done differently. The ticket fiasco at the Super Bowl is a good example of where the league dropped the ball. But when it comes to money, the NFL has always made the right decision.

“From a business stand point,” Biggs said, “you rarely look at the NFL and say, ‘boy they screwed that up.’ In the big picture they’ve done a remarkable job growing the brand, and I think they realize what’s at stake here.”

The NFL brand has never been bigger than it is right now. The Super Bowl was the most watched TV program in history. Regular season and other playoff games broke TV viewing records as well. A lockout of the NFL Players Association could slow down the continued growth of the league.

“The idea that part of the season will be missed, I don’t really see that happening right now,” Biggs said. “The billionaires and the millionaires that are involved here have way too much to lose to not start the season until October.”

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