Marty Turco was brought to the Chicago Blackhawks to be the team’s primary starter and lead them during their Stanley Cup defense. But now, the former All-Star is the number two goalie in a two-goalie system.

It’s a new role for Turco, who has been in the league for ten seasons. And it’s a role that former Blackhawk goalie Tony Esposito would have never found himself in when he played.

“It was a different mindset back in those days,” Esposito said on the Danny Mac Show of the NHL’s goalie situation back in the 1970s and 80s. “Now it’s more of a two-goalie system.”

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With the league’s expansion, the playoffs have gone from a single round, back in the original six days, to the four-round marathon that it is now.

“I think with the playoff situation, there’s so many games in the playoffs, it’s like another season,” Esposito said. “So if you have one guy going in, and he’s going on empty because he had a real tough run at the end to get it…then he’s going to tired going into the playoffs. So the way Coach [Joel Quenneville] is doing it is right. He’s playing them both and naturally he’ll go with the guy he thinks is right at the time.”

Corey Crawford will get the start in goal on Wednesday night when the Blackhawks take on the Minnesota Wild at the United Center.

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