Not that long ago, Keith Moreland was announced as the new Cubs broadcaster. Though his job is replacing Ron Santo, he wants to make it clear he is not replacing the man Ron Santo was.

“You cannot replace an icon who is irreplaceable as Ron Santo.” Moreland said. “All I can do is be me.”

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How a broadcaster watches the game is important to the game and Dan Berstein wasn’t afraid to touch the topic. Moreland discussed how it starts with the pitcher and he looks for clues to indicate how he will throw the ball.

“[I use] a lot of the same techniques I used as a player to figure out what the pitcher was going to try to do,” the new Cubs broadcaster stated. “That’s the timing and the tempo of the game not only for the players of the game but the manager too.”

You can expect Keith Moreland to continue to talk to the Cubs manager on air as well.

Moreland said “The one thing [Mike Quade’s] great about is he’s so honest. He just looks as you and gets you an answer. He doesn’t avoid the question.”

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