CHICAGO (CBS) –- All access is a relative term.

Sure, CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine was taken behind the scenes at the nerve center of Carol Moseley Braun’s operation. But she was more than a little nervous about showing certain maps and charts.

“A person who gets into the real weeds about elections can look at maps and no exactly what our strategy (is) and where we plan to deploy our forces election day,” Braun said, shooing away the CBS 2 crew.

It’s crunch time for Carol’s troops.

Friday, Braun got her first look at the campaign’s mobile media van with its multiple video screens. Without money for TV, innovative ways to get her message out are critical.

No opportunity is overlooked.

Her combination rolling billboard and traveling campaign office gets her from place to place to deliver the message about how she differs from the other candidates.

“We’re a poor campaign with a rich message,” she often says. She recalls similar circumstances during the final week of the U.S. Senate primary in 1992.

“The day we went out street-campaigning, I had $128 in the bank,” Braun said. “Panic time, and you know, the next week I was the nominee for the United States Senate.”

And so it goes, voter by voter.

“We’re doing it, shoestring budget but we’re doing it,” Braun says.

“We are able to get more out of a day, get more out of a message because our faith propels our actions,” she added.