CHICAGO (WBBM) – A group of black ministers is demanding Mayor Richard M. Daley and Police Superintendent Jody Weis keep their promise to put more cops in high crime areas.

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The ministers released an open letter to Mayor Daley on Friday, reminding him he promised to take officers out of low-crime areas and reassign them to areas of high crime.

They said because Daley is a lame duck, he has nothing to lose politically, and that Superintendent Weis is likewise safe. According to the ministers, the timing to make the changes would be perfect for Weis, since the major candidates for mayor have said they would replace him with a top cop of their choosing.

But, aldermen from wards that would lose officers would object. The Fraternal Order of Police said it would strictly enforce the police contract, which limits the Superintendent’s ability to move police around.

Daley made the promise in 2003, and Weis promised the change would take place by the end of last year.