Carmelo Anthony basically forced his way out of Denver and demanded to be traded to the New York Knicks or New Jersey Nets. And that raises an important question as the NBA enters the early phases of renegotiating their CBA:

Do NBA Players Have Too Much Power?

Frank Isola, the New York Daily News’ Knicks beat writer, joined the Danny Mac Show to talk about how the Anthony deal highlights this question.

“…Carmelo Anthony’s motivation, the money more than anything,” Isola said. “And I still think that if they couldn’t work out a deal with the Knicks, I think he would have ended up on the Nets, because he could have gotten that $65 million from them. And the new collective bargaining agreement definitely factors into that, in terms of what the players salaries might be in the future. And I think they’ll also probably address this idea of these players having a little too much power, because I think for the smaller market teams it has to be frustrating for their fanbases if their players want to leave.

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“And it’s also a different generation of players…Well I shouldn’t say it’s a different generation of every player. Because there’s a guy like Kevin Durant, he’s in a small market, Oklahoma City…he re-signs there and says ‘I’m going to try to win here.’ But a lot of these players don’t really want to do it on their own. They want to join up with their buddies and see if they can win that championship. Even LeBron [James], I mean I understand why he did it, but I also think there’s something to be said for guys that kind of stick it out in the city that drafted them, I mean he was going to make a ton of money, and you try to win a championship in that town.”

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