For the Chicago White Sox, the competition to be the team’s closer might be the only positional battle taking place during training camp. While players like Matt Thornton want the job, winning is ultimately more important.

“I’ve made it clear that I would love to have the job and be named the guy to be the 9th inning guy to start the season,” Thornton said on the Danny Mac Show. “Look, who knows, I have experience doing it, maybe it’s not my gig, you never know. I’m not going to lie, it’s not like I’ve been the everyday closer. But, you know, I’ve had weeks where I’ve been the closer and done a good job at it. Some people question the overall save percentage of my career, but if you’re going to count those 7th, 8th inning blown saves then you have to kind of count all the holds that I have too, in my career.

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“So I do a pretty good job in the late innings, is all I know. And I’ve made it clear that I want to be the 9th inning guy, they know that. But, that might not be in the cards for them. So it’s their call, it’s what Ozzie [Guillen] and [Don] Cooper and Kenny [Williams], and those guys decide to do. And whatever they decide, I’m game for. I’m ready to help this team out and go forward to win a championship. It’s not about my personal choices or anything like that. It’s about what’s best for this organization.”