The NBA’s trade deadline is less than two hours away, and that has all Chicago Bulls fans wondering the same thing.

Will the team make a move? And if they do, what will that do to the look of the team?

“I do think they need to make a move,” Steve Kyler, of, said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “As good a player as Keith Bogans has been for the Bulls, as nice a shooter as Kyle Korver can be, you know, even Ronnie Brewer, these guys are not going to get it done in the playoffs for the Bulls when push comes to shove. They need somebody…who they can throw the ball to and he’s going to make something happen. You can’t just count on Derrick Rose, in the post season, to be the only perimeter player that can create offense for your team…They don’t have anybody at the two-spot that can really create on their own. And certainly don’t have anybody who’s shooting the ball really well from three. And I think to be a really devastating playoff team…you have to have the outside touch.

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“I’d love to see Courtney Lee there, I think he’d be a perfect fit. But the other guy to really look at…is Anthony Parker from the Cleveland Cavaliers. He really shoots the ball well. He’s a good, veteran defender. He’s smart. He’s savvy. And he can give you offense. The Cavs pulled a deal [Wednesday] night with the L.A. Clippers…so it does look like the Cavaliers are open for business. And I think that’s probably the easier deal to make, simply because you’re sitting on two draft picks and you can absorb the contract all by yourself. Wherein with Houston, you’re going to have to give them a real player back. They’re not going to give Courtney Lee away just for draft picks.”