Going into Thursday night’s game against the Miami Heat, Derrick Rose’s name was at forefront of the MVP discussion. After the game, Rose may have pulled away and ended any need for further discussion.

“It’s a statement game,” former Bull and current TV analyst Stacey King said on the Danny Mac Show of Thursday’s game when talking about Rose and the MVP award.

“Derrick Rose has played big in the big games, he’s hit big shots” King said. “You really can’t pick at his game. You know, a couple years ago you said ‘well he’s not a good shooter. He doesn’t shoot the ball, or he doesn’t get enough assists.’ You can’t say that about him this year because he’s doing everything well this year. Not only is he shooting the basketball well, he’s dishing the ball.

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“He gave a huge assist to Luol Deng last night, where everybody though the was going to be the guy to take the shot. And that just tells you and shows you the maturation process, that he’s become an all around point guard now. You know he didn’t force his shot, he got the ball to the middle of the lane, Dwyane Wade dropped off Luol Deng to help, he kicks the ball to Luol Deng with the bigegst shot in the game, and he didn’t hesitate to give it up. I mean he just gave it up to him. He made the right basketball decision. Luol Deng makes a huge shot that ends up being a back breaker.”

Rose ended the game with 26 points, six assists and five rebounds.