By Adam Hoge-

You might think an ankle injury and a torn lat muscle in the back would be unrelated, but not in Jake Peavy’s case.

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Peavy came to the White Sox at the 2009 trade deadline from the San Diego Padres who deemed him lost for the season with an ankle injury. But with the White Sox remaining in the pennant race, they accelerated his rehab and Peavy started three games in September. The Sox won all three games.

But in an interview with Matt Spiegel and Barry Rozner on Hit & Run on 670 The Score Sunday, Peavy revealed that he compensated for his injured ankle in those starts with a different delivery and that led to problems the following spring.

Listen: Jake Peavy on Hit and Run

“I went into the (2010) season starting to have some shoulder issues. We just thought it was general soreness,” Peavy said.

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Those shoulder issues led to much bigger problems and the eventual lat tear that cost Peavy his season.

“It started about this time last year, me not feeling right,” he said. “And you slowly but surely tear your lat off the bone. You can’t just go out and do what I did in one start or even a couple of starts … We just tried to power through it not knowing we were about to do that.”

So did the White Sox miss something? Could Peavy’s injury have been avoided?

“Obviously you live and you learn,” Peavy said. “It wasn’t  like I wasn’t honest last year. I told them what I felt and I told them I thought I could get through with it. I had some MRIs and I did see doctors last year and I was not once told that we were about to make a huge mistake in going out there.”

For more, listen to the interview with Jake Peavy above.

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