CHICAGO (CBS) — The man behind the Twitter account that told the fictional, behind-the-scenes story of Rahm Emanuel’s mayoral campaign has been revealed.

He is Dan Sinker, the former publisher of the punk rock zine “Punk Planet” and a journalism professor at Columbia College. Sinker revealed himself on his personal blog on Monday.

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“Thanks to the many thousands of you that made this so much f—-ing fun,” he wrote.

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The Atlantic’s Alexis Madrigal first reported Sinker’s role as @MayorEmanuel,
after Sinker decided to reveal his identity after a “protracted e-mail negotiation.”

For his part, Sinker first appeared to offer a hint on his personal Twitter page today, when he posted a link to a Bee Gees performance of “I Started A Joke.”

The fake Rahm Emanuel Twitter page, spun an epic tale of profanity and hilarity since September. Main characters included an incredibly over-caffeinated, hyper-driven and profane Rahm Emanuel, his political guru, David Axelrod, Carl the Intern and a duck named Quaxelrod.

The story took fans on Rahm’s campaign to every [bleeping] L stop in the city and wild drives in Axelrod’s beat up Honda Civic. Mayor Daley even made an appearance as he kidnapped the future mayor and took him on a tour of City Hall to reveal deep dark secrets hidden there.

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The story on Twitter ended at the peak of its popularity, with more than 38,000 followers the day after Emanuel was elected, as the fake Rahm vanished into a time vortex.


According to the Atlantic, Sinker’s secret was known only by his wife and a small circle of friends.

Sinker told the Atlantic that creating the story did start to take a toll.

“Your brain starts going a little crazy. I’m looking forward to my brain not feeling so crazy.”

The real Rahm Emanuel said he became a fan of the Twitter page during the campaign. Today, he said he would make good on his promise to donate $5,000 to charity if the author revealed his identity.

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“Now that the cat is out of the bag, the mayor-elect will keep his commitment to donate $5,000 to the charity of professor Sinker’s choice,” said Emanuel spokesman Ben LaBolt. “Details to follow in the coming days.”