Last week the Chicago Bears rewarded head coach Lovie Smith with a two-year contract extension. It was an extension that cause a stir among Bears fans.

Some fans thought that after an 11-5 regular season and a trip to the NFC Championship that Smith deserved the extension. Other fans looked at the body of Smith’s work and didn’t think he had done enough to earn added years to his contract.

“I don’t know if it’s really odd,” Bears analyst Hub Arkush said on the Danny Mac Show of the extension. “It extends him through 2013, which is where we believe Ted Philips and Jerry Angelo are at. I have said repeatedly, I didn’t think it was necessary. I thought it was a mistake. I’m certainly not going to change that opinion. But I do think, as we’ve seen how things have developed, it’s really not a game changer either. The bottom line is that A, he had a really good year in 2010. Regardless of whether you’re a Lovie fan or not, you have to give him that, so he’s going to be your coach in 2011.

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“2011 is going to be so screwed up that no matter what happens…there’s nothing that could cost Lovie his job this year anyway. So, he’s not really getting graded again until 2012. If things were to go south, and I’m not saying they will, I’m not saying I hope they will, but if they did, most coaches do get fired with a year left on their contract anyways, so it really doesn’t change things all that much from the perspective of the health of the organization. And, you know, it rewards the guy. They haven’t announced it, I’m sure they won’t, but I will tell you it’s about $5.7, $5.8 million. It is a minor raise, if any at all, but it’s the going rate for top coaches right now.”

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