CHICAGO (CBS 2) – The Jody story still is a mystery. Walter asks, what is it that was so bad about Jody Weis?

Of all the people in Mayor Daley’s cabinet, why was Jody the one Rahm Emanuel’s been saying had to go? What is it that Emanuel thinks Weis was wrong?

It can’t be the way he was fighting crime. The crime rate in Chicago has been down every month for the past two years. Crimes of violence, aggravated battery, armed robbery, sexual assault are all down 10% in the past year.

Emanuel cannot think Weis was wrong on gang violence because in the past half year his police arrested more than 250 gang bangers. Murders in areas with gang activity are down also down 40%. City wide, murders are down to the lowest number in Chicago in 45 years.

Jody was cleaning up the police department, catching bad cops doing bad, upsetting the system, getting rid of police politics, which is why the old rank and file wanted him out which is why our new mayor elect wanted him out. That’s Rahmbo police politics, to win the loyalty of the old rank and file. Good for Rahmbo, bad for the rest of us.