Apparently losing LeBron James on national television isn’t enough to make Cleveland the most miserable sports city in the country, that honor was bestowed on Seattle.

When Forbes released their list of the most miserable sports cities, they decided not to judge solely on losing, but by heartbreak. Each city was given points based on when their teams lost in the playoffs. The deeper the loss occurred the more points the city was given. Also coming into play was the duration since the city’s last championship.

Seattle, the most miserable sports city, has only one championship in the 111 cumulative seasons, the 1979 NBA Title won by the Sonics. And it was the loss of its only team to win a championship that put Seattle past the second most miserable city, Atlanta.

Atlanta, in 153 cumulative seasons, has only one championship as well, the 1995 World Series.

Forbes Top Ten Most Miserable Sports Cities:

1) Seattle
2) Atlanta
3) Phoenix
4) Buffalo
5) San Diego
6) Houston
7) Kansas City
8) Cleveland
9) Denver
10) Cincinnati

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