Mike Quade’s tenure as the Chicago Cubs manager got off to a pretty rocky start when Carlos Silva and Aramis Ramirez got into a dugout scuffle after errors were committed while Silva was on the mound.

The scuffle and the errors have caused some discussion about the odd start to spring training. But it’s a discussion Quade doesn’t concern himself with.

“No, not really,” Quade said on the Danny Mac Show when asked if he cared about what the fans and media were saying about him. “Because I don’t know what they’re saying, nor do I care. The only think I have to concern myself with is getting this club ready for April. You never know the twists and turns that are going to take place. You don’t know if it’s going to go smoothly. You make adjustments, like players do, and just make sure you deal with stuff and move on.

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“I think more of it, again given spring training and kind of a down time right now, I think way more was made of any of this. And I don’t know, sometimes maybe a little civil war is good. But something needed to take place two or three days in, unfortunately it was that early. But man, we came out and had a great days work and played very well [on Thursday. We] got beat, but played well and that’s kind of what I’m looking for.”

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