The Chicago Bulls were without center Joakim Noah for 30 games. While they were still able to 22-8 over that stretch, they’re a much more dangerous team with him in the lineup, despite his less than perfect looking shot.

“I’d rather have Joakim Noah at the free throw line than a Dwight Howard,” former Bull and current analyst Stacey King said on the Danny Mac Show. “I mean Joakim Noah will at least go up there and make 70-plus percent of his free throws. He’s invaluable. I call him the modern day Dennis Rodman, but with more offense. He’s a guy that makes an impact, not so much with scoring, but he makes an impact on energy games and his energy that he brings to the game. And that was typical [Wednesday] night agaisnt the Bobcats team. He didn’t play the first three games and the Bulls lost two of the three of those games.

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“The energy level wasn’t there in those types of games. And when Joakim is really effective is when you’re playing these teams that the Bulls maybe take for granted. Joakim’s energy just really shows. And it gets them off to a good start and he does some of the little things. Like [Wednesday] night, he dove on the floor for a loose ball off an offensive rebound, he was on his back and he made a nice pass that led to a bucket. I mean it’s just the hustle plays and the energy that he brings that is just irreplaceable.”