Like enough of that clown Charlie Sheen, enough of the politicians in Wisconsin who are barking about their budget on TV but doing nothing on the budget they’re barking about.

They are clowns, at the people’s expense — Gov. Walker up there being paid a $144,000 salary and every member of the legislature a $50,000 salary, plus $88 a day for hotels and bars and restaurants.

And the salaries and overtime for cops at the capitol and lawyers on call and judges on benches who may have to decide what the politicians are elected to decide but are too busy grandstanding.

Isn’t it time to stop being like Charlie Sheen, to dump the preening for cameras and yap-yapping about saving money and go work on it — and hurry up with it?

The way they’re clowning around, by time they agree on a budget they’ll have spent and wasted more money than they can save.

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