The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are among the top teams in the country and may have already played themselves into a number one seed on the NCAA Tournament. Their success hasn’t come from their talent, but from their experience.

“These guys are not going to be number one draft picks, but they’re probably going to be CEOs calling shots at some business later on down the road,” Notre Dame basketball analyst Jordan Cornette said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “The difference is, with this team I don’t feel like most people get it…it’s experience that makes this team so good. The starting five are all above the age of 21.

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“So it’s one of those things where coach Brey has been prepping these guys, they’ve been under the tutelage of him for three, four, some five years, I mean there’s five-year seniors in the starting lineup. This is an older group that finally feels comfortable enough in their own skin, playing together, and it’s showing. They really think the game, they’re high IQ basketball players, but most importantly they’ve played together for three and four years. That is the difference a lot of time in college basketball…Is Notre Dame the mst talented team in the country? No. But they’re the most experienced team in the country, and playing together for so long is what’s paying dividends for this team.”

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