When the Cubs’ Lou Piniella stepped down as manager and Mike Quade took over, there was an apparent difference in the team. The Cubs began to win. Now that a new season is about to begin to give Mike Quade a fresh start, they hope things continue to improve.

“It’s definitely a more relaxed atmosphere this year,” Chicago Cubs pitcher Sean Marshall said on Hit & Run. “Quade is one of us. He’s got a great baseball background, he loves the game just as much as anybody else does, and loves to win as much as we do too.”

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Early during spring training, Quade did something the players weren’t used to. He set everyone’s positions ahead of time, sometime Piniella waited to share with the team until the last minute. The preparations Quade makes for his team make a big difference.

The fact Piniella lacked this communication raised the question if there was some sort of disconnect with the team.

“I think Lou just wanted to win the game,” Marshall said. “He did what he had to do and put the guys out there that were trying to get it done. I’ve had nothing but respect for Lou.”

So what’s the difference between Quade and Piniella for the team?

“[Quade’s] approachable. We were a little intimidated by Lou Piniella coming up and talking face-to-face with him. Quade, he’s one of us and we all get along.”

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