Just one day away form the start of a two-day stretch that is sure to feature plenty of upsets and memorable games, it doesn’t hurt to get a little bit of last minute help with your bracket.

“It was fascinating to see the Michigan States and the Gonzagas making somewhat deeps runs into the tournament in our projected numbers,” Paul Bassire, of PredictionMachine.com, said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “You know, those coaches and those programs are typically used to doing things like that, where the opposite with Temple and Fran Dunphy losing 11 consecutive tournament games, is out in the first round. It was a little bit surprising for me to see the coaches and the programs that consistently do what they do, are doing that again.

Listen: Paul Bassire On The Mully And Hanley Show

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“See how the 11s do, there’s two 11s playing [Wednesday night], if that makes sense, but the three other 11s are very poised to make a deep NCAA Tournament run. And I would even say that the tournament committee got it right one through four, not who they are one through four, but at least who the top 16 teams are, and I think those are the most likely teams to make the Sweet 16. But if you’re looking for chaos, I think it’s going to happen five through about 12 in the seeding, because there could be a lot of upsets…they’re all interchangeable in most cases, so a six isn’t really much better than an 11 in most cases.”