For some players to be effective at the plate they need constant input and tweaks by the team’s batting coach. Other players just seem to be able to step into the batter’s box and get the job done.

The Chicago White Sox’s Alexei Ramirez is among the later of those two groups.

“We’re not changing anything with Alexei,” Greg Walker, White Sox hitting coach, said on 670 The Score. “We never have done a lot with Alexei. We’ve always encouraged him to hit the ball to right field more, but he’s kind of self-taught, very respectful, does his works, works hard, there’s not a lot of coaching. We give him information about the pitchers we face, but he’s pretty much a self-made player like most of them are.

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“The one thing that I did notice last year, that I do think is going to help him this year is that he’s finally kind of figured out how to hit the ball to right field, correctly. I saw it early, first couple of months last year…and so far this spring he’s picked up right where he left off. My contention has been, everybody is concerned about Alexei’s Aprils and Mays, and I think he hits the ball just as hard in April as he does the rest of the year. I just think he hits most of them foul. With his ability to hit to right field, it’s kind of got him squared off and put center field in center field, instead of left field, which it usually is in April and May.

“We’ll see if he holds up and goes through it and has a good April, but April is tough on anybody in Chicago. I think he’ll do better this year, I really do.”