Fighting’s role in hockey splits not only the sport’s fan base, but also those who are causal observers. From the outside it may look like a barbaric element of an otherwise graceful game, but it’s actually necessary.

Plenty of fans and members of the media have voiced their opinions of fighting, but what if we were to take a poll of the current NHL players, where would their opinions fall?

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“I’m not sure,” Blackhawks TV announcer Pat Foley said on the Danny Mac Show. “I would only be speculating about what the percentages would be, but I do think that the majority of players would say that in a contact sport, where people are cruising at very high rates of speed with weapons in their hands, fighting still needs to be part of the game, just from the accountability factor.”

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“We’ve all seen it over the years, these 5’10” guys walking around with a spear in their hands, playing bigger than they are. If there’s no answer to that, it just generates into something really ugly. I think that probably, the percentages would lean towards keeping it in, but there certainly would be a pretty significant amount of players who would say take it out.”