Lastings Milledge knows what it feels like to have high expectations. He’s “been all over” as he told Laurence Holmes about his pursuit of a position on the Chicago White Sox.

“It’s quite an experience, not a lot of people can handle what I’ve been through, handle the hype, handle the media,” Milledge said. “It’s always good to have your back up against the wall to know what you can and what you can’t handle. Just find your way off the wall, not a lot of guys are put in that situation. I’ve been released, I’ve been a top prospect, I’ve been a prep All-Star and All American. I’ve just been all over, in every situation at such a young age.”

LISTEN: Lastings Milledge With Laurence Holmes

The outfielder has been fighting for a spot on the White Sox throughout spring training, which may be more routine than warming up for him. Milledge hasn’t taken any time off since the last season ended.

“I went to Venesuala and played the whole season there,” Milledge said. “I just haven’t take off since last season.  I went home for about seven to ten days and for those seven to ten days I actually went to instructional league to get ready for the season over there.”

Earning a starting position isn’t likely for Milledge and he knows that.

“What I want to accomplish is to show the team that I can do anything at any time. If somebody’s tired or somebody’s down, I can step in and be able to produce and not look at the lineup sideways,” Milledge said.