CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago Public Schools officials were taking steps to sanitize an Englewood elementary school after an employee possibly contracted a staph infection.

CPS Spokeswoman Monique Bond said in an email Tuesday afternoon that a school employee at Guggenheim Elementary School “’possibly’ may have contacted the staph infection. At this time we have no confirmed case and are taking the necessary precautions that include sanitizing the school.”

As CBS 2’s Jim Williams reports, letters were sent out to parents to alert them of the possible infection, but no classes were being cancelled and all school schedules were continuing as normal, according to Bond.

“I’m very shocked, I’m still trying to absorb everything in,” Guggenheim parent Marcellett Thompson said after reading the letter Tuesday afternoon.

In the letter, officials advised parents to make sure their kids wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.

“This is kind of scary, because, wow, it’s already hard to keep your kids from being sick from the normal sickness,” fellow parent Carol Oliver said. “And then you gotta come to school and get this?”

Parents seeking answers about the situation could not get inside the school Tuesday afternoon to talk to the principal.

“I would like to know what should we do next. Should we take them to the doctor, you know, to find out if they actually caught the disease or not?” Guggenheim grandparent Ruthie Banks said.

Doctors said students do not need to see a doctor unless they have a persistent abscess, rash or boil.

The school employee’s name and condition were unavailable as of Tuesday afternoon.