The NFL’s owners, by a vote of 26-6 decided to make several rule changes for next season. Among these changes was moving kickoffs to the 35-yard line, their reasoning was player safety.

“I think the rule should have never been changed,” Bears special teams standout Rashied Davis said on the Laurence Holmes Show. “It should have stayed the way it was. Everything has been going pretty well for guys as late, it’s not like that many kickoffs go back to the house.

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But the main issue Davis takes with the new rule isn’t the way that it will change the game, it’s with the owners’ logic.

“I guess it was changed because of some safety or health reasons,” Davis said. “But on one end you want to say you’re worried about the healthy and safety of players and you’re going to move a kickoff up to the 35, but on the other end you’re asking for 18 games, it’s insane.”

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