College basketball has changed quite a bit over the last 20 years. With more players than ever jumping to the NBA after one season in college, it’s clear that great talent will get you farther than great experience.

“Let’s be honest, all these teams left, they have NBA guys,” Tim Doyle, of the Big Ten Network and CBS’ Mayhem Live, said on the Danny Mac Show when talking about the Sweet 16 teams. “All the teams that are gone, don’t have NBA guys. Even a guy like [Kenneth] Faried, out of Morehead State, he’s an NBA player and he got Morehead State to win a game just because he was more talented than the guys on Louisville.”

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Currently the NBA has a rule that players must wait a year after graduating high school before they can enter the NBA Draft. There’s a constant debate whether this rule is hurting or helping the game of basketball.

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“It’s a watered down thing,” Doyle said of college basketball. I’m just curious, when are they going to make it two years? Or three years? When are they going to change, because one-and-done means that you have to pass one semester…and then all of a sudden they move you on to the spring semester…And it’s killing the draft, because the first five picks re all going to be freshman. College basketball is a great sport, it’s very compelling. But the talent level isn’t what it was at, in let’s say the late ’90s.”