The Chicago Bulls and the Boston Celtics are battling for the Eastern Conference’s top seed, and the home court advantage that comes with it.

“It’s more important now because they’re so close to it,” Adrian Wojnarowski, of Yahoo Sports, said on the Mully and Hanley Show when talking about the Bulls pushing for the top seed. “And right now, you look at what’s left on the schedule, Boston has to go to Chicago, they have to go to Miami again, they have to go to San Antonio next week.”

The toughest game the Bulls have left is against Boston, but that’s a game that will be played at the United Center, where the Bulls have a 32-4 record this season.

Outside of having home court advantage in a game seven throughout the Eastern Conference playoffs, the top seed will help the Bulls avoid another top team.

“If you finish first, you’re not going to have to beat Boston and Miami to get to the Finals,” Wojnarowski said. “Those two are going to have to play each other and then play you, and I think that’s a great advantage.”

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