CHICAGO (CBS) — A website offering college students a way to sign up for casual sexual encounters is expanding its operation.

The site was originally set up for students at the University of Chicago, offering students a place for “casual encounters, hookups and more.” Now the site has changed its address to and is opening registration to students at Northwestern University in Evanston and Columbia College in Chicago.

The site’s administrators say they plan to expand to even more schools, but plans to add Brown University in Rhode Island have been put on hold. (Facebook got its start as a student only social site, although there are already plenty of sites to find casual, adult “entertainment.”)

One recent post on the site seeks girls to practice kissing: “Do you like kissing? Do you think kissing involves more than just lips and tongue and should include everything you can do with your nose, chin, cheeks, hands, neck, i.e., really a total body experience?”

Another post asks: “Are you better than my boyfriend?” The poster claims to be seeing someone but thinks she can do better and wants to “get coffee.”

Some of the posts are downright bizarre. One man is seeking three women of Asian descent who “own a plunger and live near a Dunkin Donuts.” The poster goes on to add, “I know you are thinking this sounds strange, but …”

Earlier this month, the site’s administrators said over 300 people had registered for the service. Speaking to CBS 2, a student characterized the U of C campus as “socially repressed,” and hoped the site would spark something of a sexual revolution in Hyde Park.

A .edu email address is required to sign up on the site.