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CHICAGO (CBS) — A judge denied bond Tuesday for a 45-year-old man charged with brutally beating another man, and anally assaulting him with a tree branch, in Grant Park.

Sitting in Violence Court (Br. 66) at the Cook County Criminal Courthouse, Judge Maria Kuriakos-Cecil denied bond for Cortez Foster, who is charged in the Friday night attack on the 65-year-old man.

The victim, a 65-year-old northwest suburban man, was found walking in the wee hours Saturday morning in 800 block of South Michigan Avenue. His face was bloody, and several of his teeth had been knocked out.

When the man was found, he was not wearing shoes or pants, and had only one sock on.

The attack had happened a short time earlier near the Gen. John Logan monument in Grant Park.

Grant Park Attack

A man was beaten and anally assaulted with a tree limb over the weekend near the Gen. John Logan monument in Grant Park. (Credit: CBS)

At 11:58 p.m. Friday, Foster and the man were “interacting,” when Foster became angry about something and began punching the man, Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Morgan Creppel said in court on Tuesday.

Foster knocked the man to the ground and kicked him in the head and body after he was down, Creppel alleged. Then Foster shoved a tree branch into the man’s anus, Creppel alleged.

Foster then took the victim’s cell phone and fled the scene, Creppel alleged.

The man was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where doctors had to remove part of the tree branch that was lodged in his rectum.

The victim suffered severe head trauma, including fractures at his eyes and nose, and he had to be put in a drug-induced coma to reduce the swelling on his brain, Creppel said. He also had to be intubated.

Meanwhile, the man’s family told police the assailant had taken his cell phone, and police went through the cell phone’s records. They found out that Foster had sold the cell phone to a friend, and the friend’s mother told police she knew Foster and helped track him to the Pacific Garden Mission, a well-known homeless shelter at 1458 S. Canal St., Creppel said.

When police apprehended Foster, they found bloody clothing. He also confessed to police that he’d had a disagreement with the man and admitted that, in his words, he had “used” the tree branch on the victim, Creppel alleged.

The tree branch was 7 inches long and half an inch in diameter, Creppel said.

Foster was wearing blue jeans, a blue and gray striped sweater, and a green T-shirt when he appeared before the judge. He did not speak during the hearing.

Foster, who was serving a 20-year sentence at the Centralia Correctional Center for a 2000 armed robbery conviction before being paroled last May, is scheduled to appear in bond court at noon Tuesday.

He was also sentenced to six years for robbery in 1996 and seven years for armed robbery in 1991, records show.

CBS 2 Web Producer Todd Feurer and the Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

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