These days, Chicago has a bit of an identity crisis.

It was once the city of Mayor Daley and Oprah Winfrey and soon will be the city of Mayor Emanuel and Rosie O’Donnell.

O’Donnell moving into Harpo Studios is a big deal for Chicago. It means a change in what Chicago is and how it is perceived world-wide.

It’s like when Chicago changed from Al Capone to Michael Jordan, from Sears to Willis, Fields to Macys, and now from Oprah to Rosie and Daley to Emanuel.

These changes means things will be stirred up in Chicago as they have not been stirred before. Clearly, we are a city on the move, from Windy to Rahm and Rosie.

How different things will be and what fun we will have watching Rosie clamoring for ratings on TV and Rahm flexing muscle in the city council.

Rosie said she will focus on real people and kick butt which is what Rahm is saying about half the alderman in the council.

Polite and patient in Chicago are on the way out. Blunt and bluster blowing in.

Good for Rosie, good for Rahm, and especially good for us.

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