2011 Danny Mac Show / Cubs (Spiegel) vs White Sox (McNeil) Wagers

1. Home Runs: Carlos Pena, Alfonso Soriano, and Aramis Ramirez vs Adam Dunn and Paul Konerko*

*Should Dunn or Konerko go on the DL, a replacement player will be chosen during their absence.

2. Starting Pitchers: Ryan Dempster and Carlos Zambrano vs Mark Buehrle and John Danks

Quality Starts, ERA, and WHIP (best 2 out of 3)

3. Interleague Play Record: Tie Breaker is Crosstown Classic Total Runs.

4. Infield Errors: Total of combined infielder errors, +13.5 for Cubs (deduct 13.5 errors from Cubs at end of season for total number…lowest number wins).

5. Total Wins: +5.5 for Cubs (negotiated between Mac and Spiegel based on Bodog handicap).

6. Bullpen: Blown Saves, ERA, and WHIP (best 2 out of 3).

7. Oddball Bets: (best 2 out of 3)
– Home Runs : Omar Vizquel and Juan Pierre vs Carlos Zambrano
– Gio Soto Home Runs vs Jake Peavy Starts
– Steals : Cubs roster vs Juan Pierre

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