Adam Dunn has said he has difficulty getting loose while playing DH, there are some who see this as an excuse, and some who understand what he’s going through. Former South Sider Ron Kittle knows what he’s going through.

“Down in Camelback [Ranch] there’s not a lot of open area where you can sneak into a cage and take some swings,” Kittle said on the Danny Mac Show. “Because the stadium is away from everything else.

“I wasn’t a fan of the DH, I hated it, myself. I liked playing, it kept my body loose, it keeps you in the game when you’re playing first, or the outfield or catching. You’re more centered into the game, then you have a chance to get up there and react.”

Kittle played 10 seasons in the majors, and spent time as a DH and fielder.

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“If [Dunn] couldn’t get loose in the warm weather [in Arizona], he isn’t going to get loose in this cold weather here,” Kittle said. “But everybody wants him to succeed. There’s going to be pressure on him. He’s a good ballplayer, he’s going to help the team. But he wants to get out there and produce and make everybody in Chicago like him, and come here and win.”

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