CHICAGO (CBS) — Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel says he’s looking for partners in tomorrow’s aldermanic runoff elections, candidates who share his views of reform of city government.

CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine reports on the changing face of Chicago politics.

Ten of Chicago’s 50 alderman chose not to run for re-election. Ten more were forced into run-offs, which means there could be 20 new faces awaiting the new mayor in City Council.

Emanuel is using his muscle and his money to get the ones he wants.

The mayor elect was campaigning over the weekend with Latasha Thomas in the 17th Ward on the South Side. He also appeared with Debra Silverstein, who is seeking to oust veteran Ald. Bernard Stone in the 50th Ward on the North Side.

But they’re not the only ones he’s backing.

“Some campaigns just would like you to endorse them,” said Emanuel. “Some would like you to go door-to-door. I’ll work with the campaigns on what is most effective in their individual areas. But I want a partner, which doesn’t mean we always agree, but a partner that is committed to reform.”

Yet Silverstein is the only candidate challenging an incumbent that is endorsed by Emanuel in Tuesday’s run-off vote.

“Before I will support a candidate, incumbent or not, [I want to know] ‘Are you for changing both City Hall, both the fifth floor and the City Council?'” Emanuel said. “‘Where are you on the goals I’ve set for the city and achieving those goals?’ If that’s the case, a number of incumbents have said they’re there.”

That said, it is quite possible that most of the incumbents in Tuesday’s races will hang onto their positions.