Late Tuesday night, White Sox slugger Adam Dunn had to undergo an emergency appendectomy. While that may seem like something serious condition, he’ll likely only miss five games.

“That’s how fast things have gone,” Will Carroll, of, said on the Danny Mac Show. “I’m 40 years old and in my senior year of high school I had an appendectomy. I missed six days of school at the tail end of my senior year, which wasn’t fun. I still have a three-inch scar from it. Today you have it laparoscopically, which is the abdominal equivalent of an arthroscope. They put in two small holes, that you won’t even see 10 days from now, you don’t have to have any stitches. They don’t have to tear any muscle, they can actually push it aside. They’ve just made this so minimally invasive that it’s almost nothing.

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“You go in there and you snip the appendix out and you go back. There’s very little trauma to it, and it’s just amazing that we have this technology.”

The White Sox offense has been clicking early on this season, they’ve averaged 7.5 runs per game over the first four games of the season. So missing Dunn for an extended period of time would hurt, but it doesn’t look like that willll be the case.

“The amazing thing here is that they’re talking about five days. Now a week to 10 days, I think, is more reasonable,” Carroll said. “I know that Dunn doesn’t have to play the field, but he still has to have that hard twist. It’s not like his swing doesn’t have a lot of torque to it. So I think five [games] is a little optimistic, but the White Sox know their stuff.”