Accoridng to Montreal Canadiens fan, he and Chicago Blackhawks’ goalie Marty Turco had a friendly $5 bet riding on Tuesday night’s game.

The fan called sports talk show “Game Points with Matthew Ross” and said that he bet the fun-loving veteran goalie $5 that the Blackhawks wouldn’t score after Mike Cammalleri gave the Canadiens a 1-0 lead in the second period.

After Patrick Kane tied the game, the fan, who identified himself as a season-ticket holder, gave Turco a $5 bill with “Habs Rule” written on it. Photographic evidence of the bet surfaced on Twitter not too long after the fan called into the show.

The bet continued to increase as the game went on, and ended when Montreal’s P.K. Subban netted the game-winner in overtime. After the goal, the fan claims that Turco handed him a “wad of $5 bills,” and crossed out the “Habs” written on the original and wrote “Turco” above it.

The bet seems to have been all in good fun, but it could potentially catch the eye of commissioner Gary Bettman, and he could see it as a much more serious issue.

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