By David Schuster–

Derrick Rose has so many intangibles that make him great and one of them is never being satisfied with how he, or the team, plays. Tuesday night was yet another example as the Bulls defeated Phoenix 97-94. Yes it was victory No. 57 on the season, but Rose was visibly and audibly upset following the game because of how he and the team performed. Rose stated he felt like he lost the game because the Bulls blew a 22-point lead and played sloppy. He also beat himself up for missing shots and turning the ball over. All this from a guy who will shortly be named the league’s Most Valuable Player.

And for those who think this might be a phony act…think again. Rose is the real deal and not just with his play on the court. No one works harder before and after practice and no one studies film more then the third year point guard. A lot of other players pay lip service and come up with every cliche imaginable but when Rose speaks, he is speaking from the heart. He knows when he is not playing up to his capabilities and he also knows when his team is not putting forth maximum effort.

We’re all spoiled by Rose’s talents on the court but let’s not overlook his leadership qualities and his forthrightness. Derrick Rose is definitely the M.V.P. of the NBA but if there was an award for genuineness and honesty he would get an award for that too.

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