CHICAGO (CBS) — It might be a bit premature to say the honeymoon is over, but the past 24 hours haven’t been great for Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel.

First he was spurned by the candidate he thought he had locked in as Chicago’s next police superintendent. Then he found out Thrusday that not even wearing a White Sox jacket next to Mayor Richard M. Daley is enough to protect a Cubs fan from jeers at U.S. Cellular Field.

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CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine has more on what might be the first missteps by the mayor-elect.

In one case, he should have known better. In the other, he might have been snookered.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey was clearly Emanuel’s first choice to take over as the next Chicago Police superintendent.

But after Emanuel publicly put all his eggs in Ramsey’s basket, he watched as Ramsey used the job offer to get a better deal in Philadelphia.

On Wednesday, Ramsey officially pulled out of the running after Emanuel balked at paying him more than $400,000 for the Chicago job. Ramsey instead took a big pay hike to stay in Philadelphia.

Then on Thursday, Emanuel was caught impersonating a Sox fan at the Cell.

Emanuel, a Cubs fan, donned a White Sox jacket as he spent some time with Daley in the stands for the Sox home opener.

That prompted a few jeers from fans who told Emanuel, “Get outta here.”

And that was just the abuse we could hear.

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Emanuel was, in truth, deep behind enemy lines, and spreading propaganda.

Daley said he was trying to convert Emanuel to a Sox fan.

“I’m trying, I’m trying,” he said, laughing. “It worked, I got the jacket. Now he’s trying to convert me to the Cubs.”

Emanuel said he’s going to give the Sox jacket to Daley as a going away present.

“He hasn’t got one this whole time, I’m going to give it to him as a going away gift,” Emanuel said.

It was Daley and Emanuel’s first scheduled joint public appearance since the February election. Emanuel took the good-natured ribbing from Sox fans just 24 hours another public snub from his clear choice for Chicago’s next top cop.

Among the possibilities now that Ramsey is out:

–Current Chicago Police Chief of Patrol Eugene Williams, a local chapter President of Black Law Enforcement Executives,
–Tina Skahill, the current head of the Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy and a law school graduate,
–Joe de Lopez, a finalist for the superintendent job in 2003, former Winnetka police chief, and now City Colleges Chancellor for Public Safety,
–Orland Park Police Chief Tim McCarthy, the Bridgeport native, son of a Chicago police sergeant and Secret Service hero who stepped between President Ronald Reagan and an assassin’s bullet,
–and St. Louis Police Supt. Daniel Isom.

Applications for the superintendent’s job are due at the Chicago Police Board on Monday. After that, the board will interview candidates before sending a list of three finalists to Emanuel.

Sources said that, with Ramsey out of the running, applications could pick up in the four days left before the deadline.

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However, one candidate who decided not to apply said negotiating with Ramsey while still soliciting applications from other candidates was “not a great way to do business.”