CHICAGO (WSCR) — Jake Peavy will make a second rehab start at Triple-A Charlotte on Wednesday. He’s trying to work his way back to the Chicago White Sox after being shut down with rotator cuff tendinitis on March 19.

After undergoing shoulder surgery over the offseason, Peavy was confidant he would be able to bounce back and return to his Cy Young form of 2007, and he still remains confidant today.

“I feel like if I get back here and healthy,” Peavy said. “I’m going to help in the way I’ve helped in the past, with other teams.”

It’s thought that Peavy could have three more rehab starts, after Wednesday, before he can return to the White Sox. But whenever that may be, Peavy’s only concern is returning healthy.

“I don’t really project anything out,” Peavy said. “I want to get healthy an get back.”