SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (CBS) — A committee hearing in Springfield Wednesday morning could change the way teens take driver’s education in Illinois.

The proposed legislation, Senate Bill 2135, would affect private driving schools.

It would require driver’s education teachers to receive additional training – specifically three consecutive courses in driver task analysis, classroom knowledge, and vehicle operational and instructional skills – at an accredited institution of higher education.

The bill is proposed by state Sen. Susan Garrett (D-Highwood.), and comes in response to the ever-increasing number of teenagers looking to private driver’s education facilities rather than taking a course in school. The goal is to eliminate discrepancies in driver’s education inside and outside the school setting.

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White is among those who oppose the bill. He says no major problems have been seen in driver’s education outside the school setting.

As of now, commercial driver’s education instructors must pass a criminal background check, complete a 48-hour course, and pass a Secretary of State’s office exam.