CHICAGO (CBS) — Most women start by pulling them out one by one. But soon, the gray hair takes over, and that can mean the start of a life-long relationship with a colorist.

Now, many women are choosing to go natural, CBS 2’s Kate Sullivan reports.

Going gray is becoming a popular choice for relatively younger women.

“I think it takes a certain type of confidence, a certain type of person, particularly a woman who will go there, that wants to go gray,” stylist Vaughn says.

These days, even celebrities are choosing gray. Jamie Lee Curtis and Meryl Streep have both gone fashionably gray. Some young stars, like Kelly Osbourne, have gone so far as to dye their hair gray.

Her trademark gray hair has served 48-year-old Susan Hersh’s career well. As a model, Hersh says hair color is one thing she doesn’t have to worry about.

“I used to have to get my hair colored every four weeks because when I was blond, after two weeks the roots were already showing,” she says.

Forty-year-old Jessica Topper let nature take over and her silver streaks shine. She’s happy with the result but says the transition was tough.

“There were definitely times where I worried what people would think, especially an I had half and half of gray and then my brown,” she says. “Because after a while people know you just haven’t missed a couple of appointments and say you are doing it on purpose.”

Hair stylists emphasize that even if you abandon your colorist, a good cut is essential. And they say if you make the choice to go gray, you have to wear it with confidence.

The added bonus to  going gray: all that extra money in your pocket. For many women, keeping the gray covered can cost a thousand dollars and more every year.