CHICAGO (WSCR) On Monday, Judge Susan Richard Nelson lifted the NFL Lockout. On Tuesday, players around the league went to team facilities eager to start their workouts and get treatment for injures, but most were turned away.

“They didn’t necessarily say ‘no, you can’t go to work,'” Bears kicker Robbie Gould said on the Boers and Bernstein Show about his trip to Halas Hall on Tuesday. “What happened was, there was a couple guys, obviously a bunch a guys league-wide that went in and tired to go to work. And I think as players, that’s what we want to do, we want to play football and we want to get back out there. We think the fans deserve it, we think everyone involved in football deserves it.

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“But upon entering the building, Ted Phillips and Cliff Stein informed myself and other players that they wouldn’t be allowed to workout. Now trying to get into the locker room, the locker room was locked. And when I asked if we could workout the Bears preceded to tell us that they wanted to wait to seek more clarification based upon Judge Nelson’s ruling.”

Gould mentioned that there were reports from around the league that other teams weren’t allowing players to even enter the facilities.

The league is expected to appeal Judge Nelson’s decisions and continue their legal battle with the players union.